Weigh day

No weight loss today. Oh well, I haven’t been at 100% so I didn’t expect to lose weight. But no gain right? That’s a collective win in my book. 

Is anyone watching My diet is better than your diet? I hate reality tv but it’s such an interesting show. I was just going to watch it for motivation but I really like the ideas some of these coaches have. Don’t get me wrong, there are the obvious staged moments but I like this show. And if nothing else it might give someone extra motivation. Like me.

It’s raining and gross here. The snow is on the way. I hope it snows 10 foot and gets it over with. A nice Netflix marathon is just what the doctor has ordered. That would get all this winter out of my system and everyone else’s and we can move on. I’m ready for spring and to get outside and walk. 

I hope all you guys that aren’t blogging are doing well, I miss you. I’ve been looking around the blogosphere and see all the new people. I hope they stick with it, some have the same stories a lot of us have shared so I can relate. Weight loss is hard. I love my weight loss buddies. Anyway must get going with the rest of my day. Have a good one.



I think I am lacking motivation. That is all. 

Are we there yet?

Seasonal sadness, it’s a thing

I’m not depressed, well not yet anyway. I’m just kind of sad. It’s cold, I stay cold, the weather is gloomy, my mom is really on my nerves, my daughter is a teenager and being a teenager, everyone is being so self centered lately, I’m not hungry and don’t eat much but haven’t lost an ounce in 2 weeks, etc. 

Yes, I suffer from seasonal sadness and I’m rolling around in it this week. I should be doing some exercise to fix that right? I know it, I’ve heard it before, I don’t know why I’m not doing it. I like to exercise. Lately I’m busy or someone keeps interrupting me and I lose interest. Apparently I’m also the excuse queen lately too. Not sure I can even write anymore tonight, I’m on my own nerves. 

Tomorrow is another day, I will give it a go then. 

Weight Watchers and the app

I’ve been doing Weight Watchers since May and while I feel like it has been the right thing for me I am unhappy with it as of late. Don’t get me wrong, my reasons aren’t with the WW process by any means. I am still very much into the points as a means of it being an easy way to keep up with yourself. What I am unhappy about is the app. They have completely redone it and now it is ridiculous. It isn’t user friendly at all. There are no healthy checks like for your water to help you keep up, etc. And this is what has broken my spirit, for almost a year I have made meals and logged my favorite foods, collecting points and working very hard to have a wonderful library. Now my items are there but all my points are now zero. No point values at all. Furious doesn’t begin to describe it for me. I’m very much thinking of leaving WW because I’ve not even used it since they changed it. I’ve been using another app instead and it’s free. Win! The new app is called MyFitnessPal and another I’m liking is called LoseIt. I still don’t know what I’m going to do I just know if I’m not happy with WW it won’t be utilized. And there’s not much point paying for something not being used. As much as WW preaches about healthy checks and drinking your water I can’t believe they would screw this up so badly. I just know Oprah has had something to do with this too. Hey darling, I love ya babe but this is NOT starting off as my best year yet with Weight Watchers. Just saying…

Connected and undetected

I couldn’t be more connected and undetected right now. My mom decided it would be ‘just the best idea ever’ for us to have matching Garmin vivo 2 band thingies. They monitor your steps and stuff. Whatever, I have my Apple Watch for all this but it made her happy so I’m wearing both and looking ridiculous but I’m cute so I get by. Ha! Anyway, she thought we could do this together and keep each other motivated with our steps and blah blah. The thing is, she won’t sync the dang thing. She isn’t sharing her info with me so what is the real point here? It’s driving me crazy. The woman is insane. And if I mention how it’s going or did she hit her goal I get cut off with something else and never return to the conversation. I know that she is using it and I know she knows how to use it, she’s just being a jerk!!

Yesterday the guy I work with tells me he’s started his weight loss plan and we are chatting. Be mindful it’s just him and myself that work in this business. We see each other everyday except the weekend and sometimes then too. He’s one of my closest friends but he drives me nuts. We’ve all been friends for years (my husband, him and myself) so it’s not like we don’t know each other. So we are talking about weight loss and this fool starts flipping out because he doesn’t believe I have lost any weight! Are you kidding me? I have lost 36 lbs and he can’t even tell it? I mean I knew he hadn’t mentioned it but he’s a jerk sometimes and very jealous so it’s like him to NOT mention it out of spite. But to really not believe me? Well that pissed me off. I’ve worked really hard. So today I took my jeans that I was wearing at the end of last winter out there and showed them to him. They were damaged at work so I know he remembers them. And I proceeded to put them on over the flannel underpants and jeans I was already wearing without unzipping them. (I work in a cold environment when it’s cold outside or hot if it’s hot outside and it was 30 degrees today) Needless to say I made a believer out of him. Haha! But it still kind of ticked me off that he hadn’t noticed. Really? Oh well, like I said before, he’s a jerk. My husband made a good point, there’s a reason he’s not married. True. Very very true. 

On a good note, eating has been pretty good. I would love to take a walk but the wind is so cold it cuts right through you. They are saying cold tomorrow but no wind so maybe I can walk tomorrow. The treadmill is not fixed so I’m in limbo. I could go walk at the mall but so many people to run into that want to chit chat. Tried that already and people just do not respect that you are really exercising and not there for their personal conversations. It’s rough. I need to get my steps up, you never know when my mom might feel froggy and challenge me. Yeah right. 

Hope to are all having a good week. I’m still trying to catch up with each of you. Glad to be back in the swing of things. 

Happy Monday


This may be the reason for the change in my weight over the holidays but I’m not sure. I have a new addiction of sorts. Nuts. NUTS! nuts…

Normally nuts would make you stressed and want to eat fattening foods right? Well all the nuts I’ve been around have that effect on me anyway. Haha! Seriously, it just started out as an easy fix when I was busy to keep me from eating something ultra bad for me because I didn’t have the time or energy to fix a nice healthy on-the-go meal. I would grab a few nuts and off I went with a bottle of water and there ya have it. Then I would get my decent meal and not really notice being run down and tired even though I hadn’t worked out. (Side note: If I go for long periods of time without working out I get run down and drop dead tired. Working out is invigorating to me.) I really think adding nuts into my eating habits has made a big deal. I don’t eat chips and I have noticed I don’t even want any bread since adding a few nuts. Just found this interesting if nothing else.

When last I really had much to say I was making a doctor appt just to get my meds refilled and ask about a few things. Well I had my visit and I am in good health. Except my vitamin D is in the toilet big time. Again! So back on vitamins and added in B12 to go with it. Just over the counter B12 as my insurance is stupid and wouldn’t do the shots and my body won’t absorb the D without the B12, blah blah blah so we are hoping this will absorb and if not we will have to go another route. (It didn’t absorb last time alone so hopefully the B12 helps) Other than that I’m doing well and feeling well. So Yay!

It’s cold here. Winter finally decided to make an appearance. We have had snow flurries today too. I say bring on the snow and let’s get this winter going. I hate being cold but might as well embrace it right? Spring will be here soon enough. Hope you are all having a great day…

Maintained and lost; Happy New Year

Happy-New-Year-2016-Clip-arts-Clip-art-Cliparts¬†Well it’s over, the holiday season kicked my butt. It kept me so busy that most nights I didn’t even get into bed till well after midnight and trying to get a good night sleep was a chore. But I survived!! The family enjoyed their time together for the most part and the presents, of course. All families have their disfunctional moments and there were a few of those but we survived that too. The food was good but not so good that I was bad. Most years I am so unhappy with myself at this time of the year but not today. Today I am happy with me. I kicked it this time. I maintained my weightloss and even lost 2 lbs.

I can’t wait to catch up with all of you all. We are going to really do this for the coming year aren’t we? Look out…